How long it takes for Terra Wash+Mg to raise pH level of water to around 10.5?

About 5 to 10 minutes depending on the amount of water used by a washing machine. Less water leads to faster raise in pH level.

After using Terra Wash+Mg for a while, I feel the power of washing is little weaker or not working anymore. What could be the possible reasons?

First, measure the weight of your Terra Wash+Mg and make sure it has more than 70 - 80kg(2.5 - 2.8oz). If it is less than the amount, then, it is the time to replace to new one.If it is more than the amount and you feel like it is not working properly, surface of magnesium pellets may be little oxidized than average. To remove oxide film, prepare a bowl of white vinegar that you can find in the kitchen and soak Terra Wash+Mg (the whole sachet) for about 5 minutes. After soaking, rinse off vinegar from Terra Wash+Mg by using water. (Vinegar leftover will facilitate magnesium consumption, so please rinse off very well.) It is now ready to be used again.Moreover, leaving Terra Wash+Mg in wet place like in washing machine for long hours when not in use will also facilitate unnecessary oxidation, please make sure everytime to air dry after use.

Will water’s pH level decline as Terra Wash+Mg being used more?

No, there is practically no change in pH level.

Can I use Terra Wash+Mg in public launderette?

Yes, you surely can, but please be aware that laundry machines in public launderette may be very moldy due to heavy use and Terra Wash+Mg’s power to clean out a washing machine may cause mold to be mixed into your laundry.

Can Terra Wash+Mg be used in hard/soft water?

Yes, it works effectively in both hard and soft water.

Can Terra Wash+Mg be used in hand wash?

Yes, it can be used for hand wash. Soak Terra Wash+Mg in water with cloth for 20-30 minutes and this should raise pH level of water to about 10.5, which makes easier for water to remove dirt from fabrics. pH level of water raise faster by a washing machine than just soaking Terra Wash+Mg in water because magnesium is well scrubbed in a washing machine. Only raising pH level of water will not offer full cleaning property compared to when using a washing machine. In order to have full cleaning property, please scrub Terra Wash+Mg well for few minutes in water which creates more bubbles of hydrogen and giving Terra Wash+Mg’s full cleaning potential.

Is Terra Wash+Mg 100% natural?

Yes, Terra Wash+Mg does not contain any synthetic chemicals. Many detergents so called “Natural” sold in the market actually contain synthetic surfactant and are filled with too many ingredients’ name on the products’ label which people are not sure of.

Can I use Terra Wash+Mg in HE, front-loading or top-loading washing machines?

Yes, you can. It works in these types of washing machine.

Will Terra Wash+Mg damage the drum or sensors in HE washing machines?

No, it will not. Terra Wash+Mg withstands high-speed spin cycles and it is safe to use in HE washing machines.

How will I know when to replace old Terra Wash+Mg with new one?

Simply measure the weight of the product. If the weight is about 70 – 80g(2.5 – 2.8oz), it’s about time to purchase a new one. The product starts from approx.110g(3.8oz) and the weight decreases as magnesium gradually dissolves during washing. Although the product continues to work with less than 70-80g, power may be weaker because the amount of magnesium influences the strength of cleaning.

Will Terra Wash+Mg retain cloth color?

Yes, it will, because Terra Wash+Mg does not contain any bleaching agents.

Can Terra Wash+Mg be used for delicate fabrics?

Yes, it can be. However, hand wash may be more suitable than machine wash for delicate fabrics like silk and wool in keeping shape.

Can Terra Wash+Mg be used in drying cycle?

Leaving Terra Wash+Mg inside a machine during drying cycle will not cause any problems or affect cleaning property, but we recommend to remove Terra Wash+Mg before drying cycle because it may damage a nylon bag faster than not doing so.

If I accidentally forget to remove Terra Wash+Mg before drying cycle, will it affect cleaning property or damage the product?

No, it will not affect Terra Wash+Mg ‘s cleaning property and it will not damage the product. However, since leaving Terra Wash+Mg inside a washing machine during drying cycle may damage a nylon bag faster than not doing so, we recommend to remove Terra Wash+Mg before drying cycle.

Will water used in washing cycle with Terra Wash+Mg affect septic system?

No, it will not. Because Terra Wash+Mg leaves zero trace of chemicals without suds and soap residues, water used in washing cycle with Terra Wash+Mg is perfect for septic system. In addition, we recommend to use water used in washing cycle with Terra Wash+Mg to be used for farming if possible because magnesium contained in used water should help crops to grow healthier.

Many claims regarding products’ effectiveness are found in websites or Wikipedia on some laundry balls sold in the market which are filled with ceramic. Is Terra Wash+Mg same as these products?

No, Terra Wash+Mg is completely different from those products. Terra Wash+Mg is filled with highly purified magnesium, not ceramic and Terra Wash+Mg’s effectiveness is backed up by test results from reliable independent test labs in Japan.

Can people with sensitive skin or skin disorders use Terra Wash+Mg?

Yes, surely they can. Terra Wash+Mg is 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals and is perfect for people with sensitive skin or skin disorders.

Can I use Terra Wash+Mg three times a day or can it be used consecutively?

Yes, you can and you can use Terra Wash+Mg consecutively. The effects are same even if you use Terra Wash+Mg more than three times a day or consecutively.

What should I do with Terra Wash+Mg after 365 washes?

You can use the old product together with new one since more magnesium results in stronger cleaning power. Otherwise, you can also plant magnesium packed inside Terra Wash+Mg in your garden or planter so to return magnesium back to earth and make rich soil.

Can I use detergent or soap with Terra Wash+Mg?

Although it is unnecessary to use detergent and we recommend not to use detergent or soap with Terra Wash+Mg for environmental purposes, you may do so without any problem. When using detergent with Terra Wash+Mg, you may just reduce the usage amount of detergent or soap in half or less so to satisfy your desire for detergent while being better for environment. However, DO NOT USE chlorine-based detergent.

Does magnesium have risk of fire?

No, magnesium will not burn under 600℃(Celsius) or 1,112℉(Fahrenheit).

Will Terra Wash+Mg damage my clothing?

No, it will not. It is 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals and protects fabrics by preserving fibers and colors, resulting in soft finish. It is a perfect match for organic cotton.

Because Terra Wash+Mg is also effective in cleaning a washing machine itself by removing mold, will mold mix into laundry?

Because Terra Wash+Mg removes, not melts, mold, peeled and shredded mold may possibly mix into laundry. We recommend to prewash your washing machine with Terra Wash+Mg so to clean out your washing machine prior to your first laundry.(How to prewash your washing machine)1, Place Terra Wash+Mg into washing machine and run through a complete cycle.2, If you still see grime on washing machine, please fill water and pour 1 cup of baking soda and soak it for 1 hour.

Can Terra Wash+Mg be used in hot/cold water?

Yes, it can be used in both hot and cold water. Hot water may be better in cleaning property, but cold water is surely better for environment.

Will Terra Wash+Mg remove odor?

Yes, the test result shows Terra Wash+Mg is about 10 times stubborn in removing odor components than detergent.

Does Terra Wash+Mg work without any suds?

Yes, it works without any suds.

How does laundry smell after washing with Terra Wash+Mg?

Terra Wash+Mg does not contain any fragrance agents, so laundry will be fragrance free with fresh scent.

Will Terra Wash+Mg remove dirt and stains?

Yes, the test result shows Terra Wash+Mg is as effective as detergent in decomposing sebum dirt.

Can I use bleach with Terra Wash+Mg?

Yes, you can. However, DO NOT USE chlorine-based bleach. Oxygen-type bleach should work well with Terra Wash+Mg.

Do I need pre-spotting strong stains?

Yes, since Terra Wash+Mg does not contain bleaching agents, you need pre-spotting stubborn stains as same as when using detergent.