About MG+

We use plenty of chemical-based products in our daily routines without really asking ourselves what their impact on our health and the environment could be. Indeed, many of those products can’t be found in a natural state. But some of them are and they can be much more efficient than any artificially enriched.

Innovation doesn’t mean creating complex and expensive products from scratch but rather using what we already have at our disposal in a smarter way, finding new applications for the elements that are so richly represented on the Earth’s surface. This is the philosophy behind all the sustainable, healthier alternatives to mass-market products. This is also the idea that led to the development of Terra Wash+Mg- the laundry revolution from Japan.

What is Terra Wash+Mg?

Highly purified magnesium in the shape of tiny pellets inside of a fabric pouch that will help you do your laundry more effectively and cheaply. The moment magnesium gets in contact with water, it generates magnesium hydroxide and alkaline water, with a higher pH level. Together, these two elements act like a really powerful soap, decomposing dirt, sebum, mold and eliminating germs, bacteria, and odor, leaving your clothes clean and feeling fresh.

Why magnesium?

Because its properties haven’t yet been fully exploited. Magnesium, iron, silicon, and oxygen account for 91.2% of Earth’s chemical composition. Magnesium ions are essential for most of the living cells and magnesium in itself is vital for our organism’s energy and vitality. Our muscles, nerves, our blood pressure, and immunity- they all require a consistent magnesium intake in order to function properly.

This major and rich element can help us fight depression, anxiety, and insomnia, regulating most of our bodily functions. If you are curious and want to find out more about all the health benefits of magnesium, here is an interview with Dr. Carolyn Dean you can watch. Carolyn Dean is one of the most active specialists in the neuropathic medicine community and the author of The Magnesium Miracle- a bestseller in which she explores all of its beneficial properties.

When it comes to its industrial use, magnesium is employed as an alloying agent, along with metal, for building aircraft, cars and lightweight products such as electronic parts, laptops, and cameras. 

Today, thanks to extensive research, its use can be extended even further and its properties can be channeled in a completely novel way: to develop a fully ecological alternative to traditional washing detergents.

Why Terra Wash+Mg?

Do your laundry without any chemical-based detergents.

The result?

Equally clean clothes, through a completely chemical-free process. What’s more: Terra Wash+Mg has strong antibacterial properties, no artificial fragrances added and leaves your clothes feeling fresh, with a natural scent.

Protects your skin

No toxic or synthetic ingredients: the antiallergic, vegan alternative
Perfect for babies and adults with sensitive skin

100 % ecological, environmentally friendly

Terra Wash+Mg leaves no chemical trail and helps you save water and electricity. Using it, you won’t need a rinse cycle, as the product doesn’t create any kind of foam or suds. Moreover, its properties remain strong even in cold water. Plus, once the product is discarded, you can safely use the magnesium pellets to enrich the soil in your garden or flower pots, for your fruit or vegetables. Inspired by nature, it can be safely brought back into nature once its washing properties fade away.

Strong antibacterial properties

Terra Wash+Mg is ideal for people with skin problems or allergies (see our “Test data” section). Numerous tests performed in independent Japanese laboratories have proven that Terra Wash+Mg suppresses the most import types of bacteria and prevents them from breeding on your clothes for a long time.

Extremely efficient in odor removal

Up to 10 times stronger than traditional detergents
Your laundry will be completely fragrance-free

Value for money

A single pouch of Terra Wash+Mg can be used up to 365 times. It will help you save both time and money! 365 washing cycles, hundreds of cubic meters of water and hours of your time saved thanks to its efficacy and the fact that it doesn’t require rinsing.

Delicate with fabrics

Leaves both colors and fibers intact. Terra Wash+Mg is friendlier with all kinds of delicate fabrics than any other artificial detergent, as it is based on natural ingredients only- ingredients that interact naturally with fabrics and fibers.
Ideal for organic cotton.

Guaranteed quality

Terra Wash+Mg is made in Japan, using advanced, patented technology with outstanding results to certified tests. By synthesizing decades of love for our environment and hundreds of years of environmentally friendly living, Japanese innovations are based on intensive research, proposing sustainable alternatives that are easy to use in our day-to-day lives, by simplifying our routines and offering us more time to invest in what matters most to us.