Terra Wash

The ecological alternative that takes care of your clothes and your sensitive skin!

Terra Wash

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A natural substitute for washing detergents: 100% ecological and eco-friendly, antibacterial and economical
The laundry revolution from Japan

Every year, a family of 4 uses a huge quantity of washing detergent. With Terra Wash+Mg, the same job can be done with as little as 100g of magnesium pellets, in a less wasteful, more economical manner.
Make a change for the better! Choose a eco-friendly alternative, with better antibacterial properties than any traditional detergent available on the market! Join the laundry revolution and save the planet, one wash at a time!
Every year, a family of 4 uses a tremendous amount of detergent, to which we add the water and the energy needed for repeated washing cycles… Although it might be invisible to the naked eye, every single small part of this mundane process places a heavy burden on the shoulders of our planet.
Switching to Terra Wash+Mg means that, for the same number of washing cycles, you’ll only need 100g of active magnesium in a fabric pouch, less energy, and less water. No chemicals, no plastic packs, shorter and more economical washing cycles.


Saving the planet, one wash at a time
Terra Wash+Mg is Vegan Registered, which means it has been accepted and certified by The Vegan Society- a universal quality mark that stands for sustainability. We only use purified magnesium, with no artificial, chemical-based compounds added. The result? Equally clean clothes and water so pure and rich in magnesium that it can be used for the plants or vegetables in your garden. This is the supreme test that will show you just how healthy our alternative is. What’s more: we are protecting the environment by getting rid of all the plastic used for wrapping conventional washing detergents.


We care about your family’s resources
A single bag of Terra Wash+Mg can be used throughout a whole year (365 washes lasting for about 40-60 minutes). This will help you save both money and the time needed to shop for detergents and recycle their plastic packages, while also allowing you to waste less water and energy. By choosing a healthier, sustainable alternative, you are helping the planet heal.


Take good care of your loved ones’ sensitive skin!
Ideal for children and adults with sensitive skin and also for those suffering from allergies or MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity). Terra Wash+Mg is completely chemical-free, it has no added artificial compounds or fragrances and it has longlasting antibacterial properties, preventing the occurrence of allergies.


Your health and well-being above all!
Magnesium is the fourth most common and richly represented element on Earth. There’s a wealth of magnesium around all the natural world but the highest quantities are to be found dissolved in the seawater. Also known as the “king of minerals”, its importance for our body and our well-being is not to be overlooked.
Recent studies show that magnesium has numerous health benefits, such as its contribution to the health and good functioning of our nervous system and our metabolism and the positive effects on the development of our bones. Magnesium also helps lower blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the vitality of our heart and muscles.

No more empty plastic bottles.
Why Terra Wash+Mg?

Terra Wash+Mg is manufactured in Japan using innovative patented technology

Terra Wash+Mg is an excellent product, and we're not the only ones saying it - it won the prestigious "Nat Expo Gold 2017" award for eco-friendly innovations. In addition, we pride ourselves with millions of satisfied customers worldwide.
When traveling or at home, Terra Wash+Mg will simplify the way you wash your clothes. All you have to do is put it in the washing machine – and let it take care of the rest. In addition, a single bag can be used for 365 washes - helping you save money spent on detergents annually.
You can give up the classic detergents entirely - Terra Wash's purified magnesium will wash your clothes efficiently. It does not contain harsh chemicals and does not affect the health of your family or the planet!
Terra Wash+Mg is a natural product, a healthy alternative to traditional detergents. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any residue in your washing machine.
Terra Wash+Mg is much more effective than ordinary detergents in removing odor from washed clothes. (tests by Hitachi Chemical Techno Service Co. Ltd)
Terra Wash+Mg does not contain harsh chemicals, just purified magnesium - so it’s fragrance-free. At the end of the wash cycle, your clothes will smell fresh and clean - without strong, artificial scents.

Terra Wash+Mg will simplify the process of washing clothes. Put the bag in the washing machine and leave it to dry after use. No muss, no fuss.


Terra Wash+Mg is hypoallergenic, excellent for people with sensitive skin (according to a presentation done by Professor Beniamino Palmieri, an Italian doctor, and expert in MCS)