How it works

Terra Wash+Mg is composed of pellets (tiny spheres) of purified magnesium (99,95% purity). It’s specially processed, using innovative Japanese technology. When this special magnesium gets in contact with water, it generates hydrogen bubbles and forms alkaline ionized water, with a high PH – approximately 10,5. This facilitates dirt removal with ease, such as dirt, sebum, mildew, germs, bacteria, and odors - resulting in fresh, sanitized and clean clothes!

Another feature of Terra Wash+Mg is the ability to reduce the size of water molecules. It is said that water molecules are found more in groups of molecules than alone. Although it is difficult to measure the size of water molecules, due to their unstable characteristics, it is very easy to imagine a group of water molecules reforming into much smaller dimensions when meeting with the smallest molecule on earth, hydrogen. Smaller dimensions facilitate and strengthen the power of the water to pass through the pores of the textile material, resulting in more efficient washing properties.
The dirt in your clothes should not be subjected to countless chemical processes - it can be easily removed with the help of Terra Wash+Mg. The product consists of a bag containing 99.95% purified magnesium balls.
The process is carried out using innovative Japanese technology - thus, in contact with water, Terra Wash+Mg generates hydrogen bubbles and forms alkaline ionized water with high pH, ​​approximately 10.5 alkalines. Together, they clean the fabrics, leaving the clothes smelling fresh and clean!
Wondering if Terra Wash+Mg can remove dirt from your clothes - sebum, mold, germs, bacteria, odors? Absolutely! Your clothes are in good hands.
Easy to use! You no longer have to worry about measuring, spilling or forgetting to buy detergent when you go to the store. With Terra Wash+Mg, you always have a reliable partner!
The unique features of Terra Wash+Mg:
You say goodbye to classic detergent - Terra Wash+Mg has washing properties as efficient as the classic detergent;
It is 100% environmentally friendly - washing clothes will no longer be harmful to the environment;
Efficient against bacteria - tests show they kill E-coli and Legionella;
Reduce pollution - by using magnesium bags, you reduce your ecological footprint;
Contains no chemicals - after the wash cycle, the wastewater can be used to wet the plants;
No plastic containers - a single bag can be used for 365 washes; thus, no more plastic containers are needed for other detergents;
Protects the skin of your family - studies show that it is anti-allergic and suitable for any skin type - including that of babies;
It takes care of your clothes – it’s made only with natural ingredients, Terra Wash+Mg keeps the quality of the washed textiles;
Excellent value for money - less than 0.80 RON per wash;
Removes mildew from the washing machine - results in fresh, sanitized and clean clothes;
It is a Vegan Registered product - it is certified and recommended by the Vegan Society, a global symbol of sustainability;
Made in Japan and supported by Allergy UK - the British allergy-friendly organization.
Remember that smaller sizes facilitate and strengthen the power of the water to pass through the pores of the textile material, resulting in more efficient washing properties. And another feature of Terra Wash+Mg is the ability to reduce the size of water molecules.
1. Put Terra Wash+Mg in the washing machine with the dirty clothes. No detergent needed!
How do we manage stains that are difficult to remove?
Because Terra Wash+Mg does not contain any bleaching or glossing chemicals, unlike a regular detergent, it is recommended for hard stains to be partially washed or addressed prior to washing, especially in the case of white fabrics. As an alternative, you can use percarbonate with Terra Wash+Mg, thus enhancing bleaching and removing difficult stains. Sodium percarbonate is an economical and environmentally friendly solution, used as the main ingredient for many organic whitening products and can easily be found online, as well as in stores. For more details, visit the video at this link.
Terra Wash+Mg and laundry detergent?
Terra Wash+Mg can also be used in combination with conventional detergent. Used with detergent, Terra Wash+Mg will increase the power of the detergent, giving you the opportunity to reduce detergent consumption by more than half.
Caution: Use any bleach, except chlorine, when using Terra Wash+Mg!
• (a) Set or include a 15-20-minute soaking cycle to allow hydrogenated alkaline water to act on dirty clothes and to make cleaning more efficient.
• (b) You can give up the rinsing cycle, thus saving both water and electricity.
2. (Optional) Reset the washing cycle of the machine. (Skip this step if you use detergent with Terra Wash+Mg)
3. Remove Terra Wash+Mg from the washing machine before the drying cycle, if you use this type of dryer combo.
Terra Wash+Mg will not cause damage to the washing machine or clothes during the drying process. However, it is recommended to remove the product, in order not to unnecessarily damage the material from which the protective bag is made.
4. After the process of washing and using Terra Wash+Mg is completed, store it in a dry place.
Terra Wash+Mg can be used in successive washing cycles without the need for drying.
When done, make sure you remove the Terra Wash+Mg from the washing machine and store it in a dry place. If left in place for a longer period of time, unnecessary oxidation may occur - which shortens the life cycle of the product, as well as decreasing its performance.
To know when the product should be replaced, simply measure its weight. If the weight is about 70-80g (2.5-2.8 oz) then it is time to purchase a new product. It starts with a weight of 110 g (3.8 oz), and as the magnesium dissolves gradually during washing, its weight decreases. Although the product continues to work with less than 70-80 g, its power may decrease, because the amount of magnesium influences the cleaning efficiency.
Here are some options related to the consumed product:
• A used product can be used together with a new one, increasing the cleaning power.
• You can use magnesium balls in plants, in pots or in the garden, to enrich the soil.
Note: 365 uses represent an average wash cycle (approximately 40-60 minutes). A longer cycle of washing leads to consuming magnesium faster.